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Vocal-Womb Rewilding

6-Week Online Immersion
Reigstration closed - 2024 dates to be announced
A Radical and Reverent Rewilding of the Vocal-Womb Dyad

Act I: Soma

Act II: Shadow

Act III: Sound


Vocal-Womb Rewilding is a 6-week container dedicated to the exploration, integration, and recalibration of the Vocal-Womb Dyad. 

The term 'dyad' originates from the Greek 'duo' meaning 'two'. Within sociology this term is used to refer to a relationship made up of two people, the most intimate form of social relation. In music, a dyad is a set of two notes or pitches that come together to make a chord. Thus, the Vocal-Womb Dyad is the unique Union and interconnetion of the Voice and Womb Space. Within the context of this container, we will be perceiving the Vocal-Womb Dyad from both the sociological and musical perspective.

That being,  r e l a t i o n s h i p  and  s o u n d .

Within the context of Vocal-Womb Rewilding, the Womb Space refers to the biological and spiritual entities that comprise the Pelvic Chalice, that being, the Uterus, Cervix, Yoni, Ovaries, and surrounding pelvic tissue. The Voice, then, includes the throat, larynx, vocal chords, jaw, mouth, tongue, and surrounding tissue.

By coming into deep Presence and harmony with our biological and Feminine Landscape, we are invited to Return to the Original Nature of our Womb and Womanhood. The pure and crystalline Origin of the Vocal-Womb Dyad awakens and catalyzes a radical and reverent Rewilding of the Female Body and Voice.​

The concept of Rewilding, within conservation and ecology, refers to the restoration of degraded landscapes and ecosystems. This is not achieved through forced and man-made efforts, but rather, by allowing the Natural processes and rhythms of Earth to reform, revitalize, and repair Herself. In the same way, we create Space for the organic restoration of the Feminine Landscape, surrendering to the Natural rhythm and Divine Will of The Goddess within.


This program is broken into 3 distinct Acts, unique planes through which we can connect and commune with the Vocal-Womb Dyad. While I will be facilitating and guiding this Immersion, you will be mentoring with your own Body, Voice, and Womb. This is not a course or a class, but rather a Collective and Co-Creative exploration of the Wisdom and Truth held within the Fabric of the Feminine Form.

A Returning to the Origin of what we are. The Origin of Woman, Voice, and Womb…


Act I: Soma

The first Act begins within the Soma of the Female Form. Soma refers to the Greek word 'soma', originally meaning 'of the body' but later evolving to mean 'the living body in its wholeness'. Thus, the Soma is the unified brain-body, fully integrated and purified of the artificial separation of the thinking/mind awareness and the feeling/body awareness. 

It is through the Portal of Soma that we lay the foundation for this Immersion, establishing Right and Reverent Relationship with the Voice and Womb. Right Relationship is more than just Intention. It is the integrated and embodied expression of our Intention. Reorienting to the Feminine Essence invites us deep within the Female Form. The foundation for Right Relationship becomes rooted through the body, via posture, breath, and sound, thus inviting us to deepen our anatomical understanding and perception of the Pelvic Chalice. This module will lay the groundwork for future Vocal practice and Expression by initiating supportive pelvic posture and breath pattern to fully engage our female form and function. We will touch on the biological Nature of the Vocal-Womb Dyad, such as the vocal chord/cervix connection and the role of the nervous system and vagus nerve within this network. We will also be exploring the Somatics of Sound, harnessing the holographic Nature of the vocal, vibrational, emotional, and physical planes of our Body and BEing.

Act II: Shadow

The second Act invites us into Shadow.

From here you are invited to challenge and redefine your perception of 'Divine Femininity' as we traverse the Shadow Realms of the Dark Feminine. Unearthing the True Nature of your Expression, you are invited to reclaim the aspects of your Voice that have been silenced and hidden away. 

The Liberation of the Female Voice is intimately related to the full embrace and integration of The Goddess and Her many Faces, and so, instead of rejecting or denying ourselves, we trust and lean into ALL that we are.

Act II facilitates an expansion of the Vocal-Vibrational Bandwidth, that is, the spectrum of experience and expression that we are in resonance to receive and transmit. We arrive at this expansion through Integration, calling home the shadowed aspects of the Feminine, both collectively and individually, creating a Sacred Space for the emotions, textures, and sensations that we, as Women, have been discouraged from fully feeling.

We will be mentoring with the Dark Feminine through the lens of 3 Sacred Feminine Archetypes, reclaiming the Primal Power of the Wild Woman and Root Center, reigniting the Pure Pleasure of the Holy Whore and Sacral Center, and repossessing the ‘unfuckwithability’ and Righteous Rage of the Huntress and Solar Plexus Center. We will be mentoring with these Archetypes as both Universal Principles and Divine aspects of our own Feminine Nature, as we call each Archetypal Essence and texture in and through the Womb Space and out through the Voice.  

Act III: Sound

The final Act culminates in the Sound and Song of your Womb.

The notes of Voice and Womb are unified in a dyadic, synchronized chord, carrying the unique signature tone of your Original Feminine Nature. 

Here you open up your Channel to the wisdom and guidance of your Womb. This wisdom is sourced not just from your own Body, but from the Lineages of Women you carry within your Blood. Act III unifies us with our Ancestry and the field of Woman Wisdom in which we are all so intricately woven.

We will call the Medicine of the Dark Feminine up and through the Heart Space, unifying the many multidimensional Faces of The Goddess, and grounding it within our own Holy Human Form. 

This final module invites you on a journey through your Divine Feminine Landscape. 

Receiving and transmitting the Song of your Womb, as you unearth and uncover the unique Blueprint of your Vocal-Womb Dyad.

Returning to the Waters of Woman, Wisdom, and Womb...


The practice of Vocal-Womb Rewilding and the exploration of the Vocal-Womb Dyad is not exclusive to this container. This is your Birthright and available to you always, whether or not you choose to embark on this Immersion. Feel free to draw from this basic description and introduction as you lean into your own intuitive exploration of your Voice, Body, and Womb.

If you feel called to explore this container with me in a private context. I am currently offering a 1:1 version of this program. Go to ​the '1:1' section of my 'Offerings' to learn more.



This program includes 4 live group sessions via Zoom and 3 modules/9 chapters of self-paced online materials. The online materials feature both video transmissions and essays. All Zoom sessions are recorded and made available to participants within 24 hours. As a participant, you will have access to both the materials and session recordings for the life-time of this program.




Payment Plans:

Payment Plan A: 2 month payment plan | $200 per month 

Payment Plan B: 4 month payment plan | $100 per month

Payment Plan C: 4 week payment plan | $100 per week 

Course Dates:


Zoom Dates:

Zoom Call 1: TBA

Zoom Call 2: TBA

Zoom Call 3: TBA

Zoom Call 4: TBA

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