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Sing like a Womban

Womb Singing Workshop

Part I

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The Spiritual and Physiological Art of Womb Singing

Online Workshop via Zoom
June 7th, 2024, 12pm - 3pm (EST)

--In this 3 hour workshop we will explore the Art of Womb Singing through a biological and spiritual lens.

Womb Singing is so much more than a fanciful new age practice, it is an ancient and sacred form of embodied feminine experience and expression. The womb and vocal space are intimately bonded by a biological and spiritual web of connection. By learning to engage our female physiology through posture and breath that is inherently supportive to the pelvic and reproductive space, we awaken the form and function of our feminine landscape. This is a holistic, integrated, and embodied practice that roots the spirit and soul of our womb song into the blood, bone, and tissue of our actual womb space. 

The vocal-womb dyad is the unique union and interconnection of the voice and womb. Within sociology, a dyad refers to a relationship made up of two people. While in music, a dyad is a set of two notes or pitches that come together to make a chord. The divine, intended purpose of the vocal-womb dyad is to bring the voice and womb together in unification and co-creation. 


The nature of feminine expression reflects the nature of womb consciousness, in that it cannot be defined, contained, measured, or even made intellectual sense of. The womb song is a transmission of pure feminine essence, beyond all intellectual and linear constructs. 


Singing, channeling, and toning are forms of feminine expression. Song allows us to speak from our heart and to transmit a story that could never be put into words. Thus, the most natural and organic way to receive and transmit the mystical and liminal nature of womb consciousness is through song. 


Song cultivates a foundation of feminine experience and expression, reawakening the pathways of connection within the vocal-womb dyad. Through song, the cerebral and masculine aspects of our expression become rooted in a deep feminine foundation. This allows us to imbue the very same magical, emotional, and intuitive textures of our womb song into even the most linear and intellectual forms of communication.


We will begin this workshop by unpacking the biological and spiritual nature of the vocal-womb dyad and conclude with a guided vocal-womb attunement to harmonize mind, body, and spirit to the unique nature of your voice and womb Song.

This session will be recorded and all participants will receive access to the recording for 3 weeks following the workshop.

Date: Friday, June 7th, 2024

Time: 12pm - 3pm (EST)


Investment: $45 (usd)

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