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The session with Talitha Ferri was truly amazing.
I came in with a bit of a sceptical but also curious mind. After a brief introduction, where she asked me about my intentions and doubts regarding the session, she guided me through a warm up phase to connect my voice with my chakras and my emotions. Then, while I was laying down, she started channeling in light language, and right away, to my utmost surprise, I did so too, while my body was shaking and releasing tensions I didn't even know I had. We were having a conversation in a language that was beyond the mind; it was incredible and wonderful to witness this dialogue-song coming from some unknown and beautiful place.
She's a pure channel, and I feel so grateful for this heart-opening experience!


Thank you so much for such an illuminating session. I enjoyed every single moment of it!!! I don’t have enough words to describe all that what I experienced. I already feel all the benefits of working with you. You are such a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your light, your guidance and your energy! It was an amazing experience! 


I am so happy that I participated in Talitha’s Vocal Awakening Workshop. The online event was very well organized and we were all given lots of resources to support our awakening with daily emails providing vocal exercises, journal prompts, activation codes and more! Most importantly the workshop provided a safe and fun place to play and experiment and with our voices and ultimately activate our own divine channel. I was absolutely surprised by the codes I was able to bring through and I left the experience feeling elated. If you have been feeling called to explore the power of your own voice I highly recommend working with Talitha. Her supportive and loving spirit provides the perfect space to uncover your unique vocal gifts.


I had an amazing Light Code Session with beautiful Talitha! We had a pleasant chat in the session explaining the process. We talked about clearing some codes and my intentions for the Activation. I went into the session open minded and was truly blown away with emotions that I’ve never felt before. My codes opened and I was speaking Light Language. I cried with emotions. I am in my divine power with upgrades of the light.


Talitha's calm and welcoming persona created a very warm and safe space for me to let go and just be in the moment. I tried not to have too many expectations about the session and yet somehow all of them were met. Through guided vocal sounds and musical instruments I released a lot of stagnant energy, sounds and emotions. All in all, it was a very precious experience, and I am very grateful for Talitha's guidance.


The healing I received was very profound. I released a big tension from my solar plexus and my throat. And somewhere in the second part of the session I began to see a lot of light codes above my head. I feel I received a new energy tool for inner work.Also I felt the beloved Sirius energy. I am deeply grateful. 


My soul expression course with Talitha has truly been a gift from spirit. I had been feeling called to find a routine with some more vocal exercises but didn't know what I wanted to call in... This program not only helped me to ground deeper into my vocal frequencies but it also helped me get in touch with elements of my soul that wanted to come through and be birthed into this reality. It was a really activating and nourishing experience. I feel that the integration process will be carried out for a while as it has been powerful and healing on many levels. 


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