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Soul Expression, a Self-paced 7 Part Video Course

Image by Kyle Cesmat

Soul Expression is a self-paced 7 part video course intended to facilitate and support the exploration of your Voice and unique Soul Expression. This course is made up of 7 chapters to explore and unearth the Nature of your Voice and Intuitive Expression. Each chapter consists of a short but sweet written transmission to introduce and attune you to the field of potential held within each stage of this course. You will also receive a daily journal prompt to initiate your own inner contemplation. Every chapter will conclude with a Vocal Meditation video for you to attune your own Voice to the unique lens of each corresponding theme. Each video ranges from 20-30 minutes, with the exception of the final attunement which lasts an hour. What I offer is not intended to teach or activate you. This course is simply a container through which YOU can unlock your own inner knowing and activate the Sacred Sound held within the portal of your Voice.

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