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My Path


My work is of an extra-dimensional nature and does not fit into the linear and logical paradigm society offers us. It is born within the Heart and can only be explored and awakened within this Sacred Center. Every ceremony, session, and interaction is a Mystery to me and I am always deeply humbled and honored to have simply been a part of it. 

I work in intimate commUnion with cosmic friends and spirit beings, Earth/Plant Allies, and many other forms of extra-dimensional consciousness. They are my guides and teachers, but more than anything, they are my Brothers, Sisters, and Friends. I do not work “alone”. My path is a Co-Creation with Heaven and Earth. 

I believe that we all have a Sacred Soul Essence. A Divine Code or Soul Frequency that holds the keys to our true Nature. This is not something that can be known with the mind, as it lies far beyond the intellect. It is held within the ineffable and infinite force that animates all things and it is through the perception of our Heart that we can truly know it. I believe that awakening and embodying this essence is an important step in our ‘Becoming’. Beyond mind, beyond words. Singing the formless into form. This is my path. To be forever filled and emptied by what IS. To be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, a holy chalice for the Ancient and the Sacred, bowing in eternal reverence to what arises in every moment. This is what I am here to mirror back to you. It is my absolute joy and honor.

My Intention

My intention is to cultivate a space that honors and invites the purest Nature of your Voice, Truth and Sacred Soul Essence. It is my greatest joy to  provide a safe and loving container for you to explore and uncover your Divine Imprinting and Soul Expression. 


You are invited into this space as the Sovereign Co-Creator of your own Becoming. My role is simply to support, hold, and call forth codes and frequencies in Service to you, and from these energies weave together a container in which you can activate, awaken, and heal YOURSELF. All that I could offer, already lies within you, and it is my greatest honor to inspire the remembrance of the ancient knowledge and wisdom eternally held within the Sacred Temple of your own Body and Being. 


I do not believe in fixing or improving. I choose to see the perfection held within every expression and manifestation of what IS. My approach is one of Integration: accepting, embracing, and transmuting instead of rejecting or “getting rid of” something. I believe the greatest breakthroughs occur in moments of playfulness, curiosity, and relaxation. And I believe, with all my heart, that we are our own healers, teachers, and guides, Co-Creating our reality at every moment. 


I am not here to give you something that you do not have or to point you in a direction outside of yourself. I am here to honor and affirm your Sacred Spirit and support you in softening into the eternal presence of ALL that you are.

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