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1:1 Vocal-Womb Rewilding | 5 Weeks

A 5-Week Private Program

  • 2 hr
  • From 600 US dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

A 5-week private program dedicated to the exploration, integration, and recalibration of your Vocal-Womb Dyad. This is the 1:1 version of the ‘Vocal-Womb Rewilding’ group container that I have previously held. You will receive access to all of the materials that are a part of this program along with 3 private sessions via Zoom. We will have an initial call before the start of this program to connect and align on intentions. Our 3 sessions will be held over the course of 5 weeks, holding a session every other week. During the in-between integration weeks, you will receive personalized Integration Invitations such as vocal/womb practices and journal prompts. While I will be guiding and supporting you within this program, you will be mentoring with your own Body, Voice, and Womb. I am not here to teach you or tell you anything you don’t know. This is a Co-Creative exploration of the Wisdom and Truth held within the Fabric of YOUR Feminine Form. You enter this Sacred Space as the Sovereign Womban that you are.​ There is a lot that I can't fit in this description box. To fully understand the Nature of this program please read the description for the ‘Vocal-Womb Rewilding’ container which can be found in the ‘Offerings’ section of my website.​​ If you would prefer to journey through this program within a group context, I will be holding the group version of this container again in the Spring of 2024. Practicals: This private program includes 3 private sessions via Zoom (all of which you can record if you choose) and 9 chapters of self-paced online materials. You will have access to these materials for the life-time of this program and will be free to explore them at your own pace. Pricing: I have created a sliding scale for this offering. Between $600 - $900. This means that ANY price within this spectrum will be received and appreciated. Note that $600 is the lowest price that I am able to offer this program while still honoring my own time and energy. Pricing is the only difference, you will not receive more or less depending on what you pay. I invite you to feel into what price reflects and honors the nature of your current personal finances. Weekly and monthly payment plans are available. You can request to book our initial call now.

Cancellation Policy

Booking is confirmed after the payment has been made. Refunds are not available in cases of cancellation, but it is always possible to reschedule to a later time/date. Payment must be made minimum 48 hours before session.

Contact Details

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