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1:1 Vocal-Womb Rewilding

5-Week personalized program featuring 3 one-to-one sessions and online self-paced materials


About Me

My name is Talitha. I am a Creatress and a Channel. My path is one of loving service and support to this Great Unfolding. I am still exploring and uncovering the true nature of this calling. I am not here to teach or show the way, but to unfold in curiosity and surrender alongside you. I am here because I chose to be here, in devotion to and celebration of this great Mystery. 

I am not here to give you something that you do not have or to point you in a direction outside of yourself. I am here to call forth your tender Spirit in all it’s purity, and support you in softening into the eternal presence of ALL that you are.

Image by Kyle Cesmat
A self-paced 7 part video course to Awaken your Voice and Soul Expression.

Qumi Community is now open to AFFILIATE PARTNERS!

For these partnerships I am specifically choosing to work with WOMEN.

Further elevating the Feminine into wealth by contributing to communities of support and reciprocity between women.


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