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Vocal-Vibrational Mentorship

Mentor with the Codes and Frequencies of your own Voice | A Remote and Intensive 4-week Program

  • 2 hours
  • 1,200 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

This is an intensive 4-week initiation and co-creative exploration into the unique creative power and potential held within your Vocal-Vibrational field, where we will be unearthing and unlocking the unique codes your Soul carries and activating their pathways back through the portal of the Voice. It is my greatest honor to support you in this unfolding, not as a teacher, but as a mirror and friend. This is a Vocal Mentorship program. I, however, will not be mentoring you. Instead, you will be mentoring with your own sacred Soul Codes and Vibration. We will have an initial call before we begin, to identify and align on an intention and direction for the program. I will then develop a program specifically in service to you and your unique Imprinting. Each session will have its own direction based on your intentions and will unfold in alignment to my own intuition and divine guidance. The Vocal Awakening process plays a big role in this program. You can read more about this process by exploring ‘Vocal Awakening’ under the 1:1 section of my ‘Offerings’ page. We will have 4 remote sessions over the course of a month where I will offer my Voice, guidance, and the light codes and frequencies that would be of the most service to your unfolding. A session lasts approximately 2 hrs. Each week will have a particular focus relevant to our previous session and I will offer a weekly program to attune you to the themes we will be exploring. I will also develop and channel 2 personalized video transmissions for you to work with during the week (15 - 40 min in length). These will be guided Vocal practices/activations and guided Vocal Meditations to support you in developing your Voice and attuning to and awakening your Soul Codes and Channel, as well as exploring any particular blocks or challenges you are experiencing within your personal life and/or Vocal Expression. I will also offer journal prompts, and any other practices that I am guided to share with you. You are free to approach this material in your own time and schedule and are always welcome to reach out via email or Telegram at any point with any questions/sharings you might have. This offer includes: 1 call to tune in, 4 x 1:1 sessions, weekly personalized guided video transmissions + weekly integration and activation tools/guidance. You can book the date for our initial call now, and we will choose dates and times for the program during the call. (Weekly and bi-weekly payments are available)

Cancelation Policy

Booking is confirmed after the payment has been made. Refunds are not available in cases of cancellation, but it is always possible to reschedule to a later time/date. Payment must be made minimum 48 hours before session.

Contact Details

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