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Vocal Awakening

This is a 1:1 remote session held over Zoom.

  • 2 hr
  • 200 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

This is a space to expand and explore your light language and any other form of non-linear Vocal expression your Heart calls you towards. This is NOT singing lessons. That which we are awakening goes far beyond the dimensions of a “good singing voice”. This is a space for you to retrieve your Sacred Soul Essence and reweave it back through the Portal of your Voice. Your Sacred Soul Essence is that which cannot be contained nor defined. It reflects and transmits your Divine Imprinting which exists beyond the realm of linearity and the 3 dimensional mind. Your Soul Expression is the unique emanation of this Divine Imprinting. The process of Vocal Awakening opens doorways within the system, auric field, and energy bodies. It activates, realigns, and strengthens the pathways within your being, increasing connection and communication between the Soul Frequency and the Voice. I am not here to teach or train you. I will be acting as a mirror and guide, supporting in activating what already lies within you. This is a space for you to feel held and supported in voicing your Soul Expressions. My main intention in this space is to empower you and call forth the purest Nature of your Voice. There will be time in the beginning for some conversation to clarify intentions and set a direction for the session. We will begin with a Vocal Attunement for you to clear and revitalize your Channel. You will then be invited to hum, tone, sing, and channel and I will remain present to hold, direct, and guide your exploration. This is a space for you to just be, explore and express. There are no rules here! Every session is unique and unfolds in the moment and in response to the energies present. Some sessions are more focused on releasing energy and sound from the body and throat or simply activating the Voice. Others are more focused on opening the channel, activating light language or Intuitive Song. This is a Co-Creation and your Heart's desire and intention play a Sacred role in the process. If you don’t have a specific intention and are simply curious to explore your Voice and Soul Expression, we will harness the energies present and go with the moment. It would be my absolute joy to explore this new terrain with you. You can read more about my intentions and personal approach to my work on the ‘About’ page of this website. These sessions last anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 hrs depending on the energies present. Package: 3 sessions within a month for $420

Cancellation Policy

Booking is confirmed after the payment has been made. Refunds are not available in cases of cancellation, but it is always possible to reschedule to a later time/date. Payment must be made minimum 48 hours before session.

Contact Details

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