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Singing To and Through the Earth”


2 Week Initiation | Dates TBA

Featuring 12 Chapters of Self-paced Online Course Materials and 3 LIVE Group Sessions via Zoom 



Noun: “A medium for prophecy”

Origin: Latin ōrāre, "to speak" “to pray”



Verb: "to utter by or as if by divine inspiration"

Origin: Greek prophḗtēs, “speaker of god”



Reawakening and Reweaving Our Relation to Earth through Oracular CommUnion and Intuitive Expression.


Earth Oracle is a 2 week program consecrating your Path as an Oracular Earth Keeper and Vocal-Vibrational Channel. The intention of this program is to provide a container for you to organically and authentically open up to your own intuitive Oracular abilities and liberate your Voice as a vessel for the Sacred Sounds and Songs of Earth.

The Oracular Earth Keeper is here to reawaken and reweave the bridge between the human collective consciousness and the Living Spirit of Mother Earth.

There was a time when we all heard the Voices of Earth, the riddles and whispers of River, Tree, and Stone. There was a time when, as a collective, our field was open and receptive to Her Song. We have forgotten how to not only hear, but feel the beating Heart beneath us. 

There are those who still know how to listen. Those who walk upon the Earth gently and in harmony with her rhythms. Who, despite everything they have been told, taught, and given, choose to surrender to a deeper Knowing within them. 


This container is in service and support to those who listen.


The Oracular Earth Keeper sings the unseen realms of Earth into being. The songs and sounds which have long gone unnoticed are heard once again and we, as a collective, are reminded of our true nature and relationship to Nature.


There are stories and songs woven into the tapestries of Earth, transmissions of what IS, what has been, what is yet to come. A Living Saga of the Awakening and Metamorphosis of Mother Earth and Her species. We are an intimate part of that story. Her Awakening is our own, as is Her Song. 


Thus, Earth Oracle is an offering to the Earth, Herself, as much as it is in service to this community.


Co-creating with the Wisdom of the Past to Reimagine the Future. 


This program anchors its Roots into the age-old Oracular practices of our Ancestors, honoring the past manifestations of Oracular Expression while simultaneously uncovering our own unique perception and transmission of this ancient and sacred art. This is not a repetition or imitation of the Old Ways. Instead, it is a rebirthing and refining of our roles as the Stewards and Voices of Mother Earth. 


This is a space to liberate your Voice and Intuitive Expression, enrich your interrelationship with Earth, and reclaim your Birthright as a vessel for Her Living Spirit.


We will lay the foundation of this program with the Vocal Awakening process, awakening the Voice, Chakras, and Channel. The Voice will be a medium through which we will journey into the spirit of Earth, the stories and rituals of our Ancestors, and the Sacred realms of our own Inner Landscapes. There will be many stops along the way.


This journey will conclude with an exploration of your own Path within this Story. A space in which to awaken your own Wisdom and weave it into your Soul’s Sacred Intention and Expression here on Earth.


Returning and ReRooting to the Feminine Art of BEing.

This container is built upon the Feminine Principles of Co-creation, CommUnification, and Right Relationship to Earth. Vocal Awakening is a meditative technology focused on the Feminine primary process of being. That is to say, there is nothing that is to be “done” or “accomplished” here. There is only that which IS. There is no “doing” in this space, there is only becoming. Even the Vocal Expression we will explore together arises through a deep and heart-felt listening and witnessing. 


The group sessions are held in this spirit of co-creation. Each and every participant is deeply honored and acknowledged for the Codes their presence offers to the space. The energy and information held within every Voice, energy field, and lineage is a Sacred aspect of this program and an opportunity for us all to open to the Divine guidance and orchestration of the Will and Spirit of Mother Earth.


I am not here to teach you. You enter this space in Wholeness, as the Light and Wisdom of All that you are. If nothing more, may this space be fertile soil for the Seeds you are ready to share and Sing into being. 





This program includes 3 group sessions via Zoom, which last approximately 3 hours each, and 12 themes of exploration in the form of self-paced online course materials. The online materials feature Vocal Meditation video transmissions, course essays, journal prompts, and more. All Zoom sessions are recorded and made available to participants within 24 hours. As a participant, you will have access to this course, its materials and session recordings for the life-time of this program.


Investment: $180 

Payment Plan 1: Monthly payment plan | $90 per month 

Payment Plan 2: Weekly payment plan | $75 per week or $50


Course Dates: Dates TBA

Zoom Dates: Dates TBA

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